Cowhide Lamp

This is one of the most unique lamps we own. My husband nabbed it at a thrift store a few cities east from us and was asked more than once if he’d let it go before he got to the cashier. I’m glad he didn’t. Ten bucks was totally worth the fight. It’s made out of cowhide (or some sort of rawhide. Sorry big animal, at least your life was well used and we certainly appreciate you).

The lamp lights at the bottom and at the top and it can be lit all at once or separately. I prefer both lit at the same time, but its versatility makes for good conversation with company you’re fetching for something to say!

This definitely veers away from our mid-century decor (there’s no marking or country stamped on it), but hell, it’s fantastic and I love it!


2 thoughts on “Cowhide Lamp

  1. It IS pretty fantastic. The glow in this picture is lovely. I think it’s good to veer away sometimes…it makes for an eclectic home that’s all yours. Unique find. I like it!

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