Old Toys

Among other things, our house is littered with old toys. My husband will come home with a box-full from estate sales that have lowered their prices to half off on the last day.

He can also name just about any car make & model as long as it predates 1980. It’s not in our budget to purchase one (though his preference would be a 1963 International Travelall, metallic blue), so he solaces himself with old toy replicas like this metal, diecast Ford Sedan from TootsieToy (the oldest American toy company was named after the Dowst Brothers’ granddaughter, Toots)…

…or this Japanese-made, tin late 1960’s VW Bug (that could use a good dusting). It’s battery operated and his next project is to see if he can get it up and running again.

This little gal predates mid-century by a couple of decades. Seen in a certain light, this one-armed dolly may very well scare little children, but I find her sweetly nostalgic.

Bing-Bang Cannon was first manufactured in 1912 (though this model is somewhere between 1917-1952 according to the patent). Apparently more than a few injuries have occurred with this popular toy!

I wish I had saved more of my childhood toys. Maybe my Alvin and The Chipmunks Tour Van made by IDEAL in the mid 1980’s (my twin sister and I spent endless hours with this) would be worth something today. Okay, maybe not.


3 thoughts on “Old Toys

  1. This is too familiar! Wonder finds… and photographed so nicely.
    We too love 1/2 price day and pick up old toys when we can. I’m going to do a post on something we found soon… you’ll remember it! My husband is a magnet for creepy dolls… even doll parts. I really love the car in the 1st picture and I always wanted a real VW when I was younger (sigh). We do old lunch boxes too.
    Goodness, it’s fun, isn’t it. Love seeing all these. 🙂

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