Famous [Green] Raincoat

Coats. I love coats. Rain coats, pea coats, any kind of coats. Once in a very blue moon my husband (and personal stylist) will come home with an estate sale or Goodwill find. This particular coat takes the cake. He found it at The Salvation Army Thrift Store and I’m beyond flattered that he thought of me when seeing it. It’s mostly my size and exactly my color, a brilliant stem green with royal blue, round buttons and a great poo-green silk lining. It’s a Jolee NY and was most likely made in the 1970’s. This fashionable good-for-California-“winter”-apparel set my benefactor back a mere $6. It’s got a stain or two (what doesn’t of mine these days), but nothing your eye goes directly to. The coat deserves more to say. I wish I had more. I guess Leonard Cohen can pick up where I left off (this is a free gift. Thank or curse me later.):


4 thoughts on “Famous [Green] Raincoat

  1. Great coat! Love the color and it looks amazing on you! I never let stains stop me. As far as the song… it’s on my iPod so…. thanks. Gotta love Leonard.

    1. stains add character, right?! glad you’re a fellow leonard fan. happy mother’s day to you, today and everyday (and to your mom. what a special post that is).

      1. I guess I’m the mom to two cats … so that counts. THANKS!
        Although not having kids was a choice I certainly respect those who do and do it so well. Have a great day.

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