60’s Typewriter Table Refurbished

At one point we had 3 of these puppies sitting in our home. We love them, yes, but my husband loves to find them even more. It’s a 1960’s (or ballpark) typewriter table, typically made with metal adjustable legs and base and a wooden tabletop with folding leaves that drop down on either side. So when he came home with table number three (and it looking very dilapidated) well, lets just say I looked at him a bit sideways. He did get it for free, however (and I’d hope so by the looks of it!) off of Craigslist late one night.

But his love for the thing compelled him to put a little elbow grease into it and after a small purchase at a nearby reclaimed wood establishment and several hours of disassembling, cutting, sanding, varnishing and a clear coat of lacquer, voila! This ugly little duckling metamorphosed into something beautiful.

Overall he probably spent about $38 on refurbishing materials. And while we may still be fighting for more wall space, we did sell one of the other tables for $45, just about breaking us even. Oh. Welp. Minus the cost of a new windshield because he shattered it while trying to stuff the reclaimed wood planks into our Jeep Wrangler. $126. C’est. la. vie.


6 thoughts on “60’s Typewriter Table Refurbished

  1. Great job, thats inspired me to restore a couple of my tables, which dont need half as much done! Plus this is a beautiful unusual piece!

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