Mid-Century Drafting Table with Refurbished Top

My husband refreshes his Craigslist browser frequently, usually in the “for sale > free” section. Not too long ago he came across a post of a Hamilton artist’s drafting table. I liked it because of its simplicity and range of functionality. It pivoted and rotated and hinged at just about every joint making this piece of furniture something any artist would love. He picked it up.

He brought it home and spent a Saturday morning giving it a good sanding down and lubing up. For kicks he stained the desk portion an emerald green. I wanted to keep it, but since neither of us is a true artist we thought he could sell it to someone who would really put it to good use. This piece found its way back on Craigslist and this time sold to a local artist for $100 – a decent profit for us and steal for its buyer.

Compare to Blick’s Berkley Art & Drafting Table for $143.99
Rustic & Unique Find Sold for $100

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