Vintage Lighters

Sometimes the littlest trinket can dress up a space and give it character. We have an old printing press drawer that we’ve hung on the wall and we use the little slots as cubbyholes to display items like these old lighters. Their monetary value isn’t necessarily anything to write home/blog about (left to right: a … More Vintage Lighters

Sun Lamp & Safety

My home is considerably dark inside. Even though nearly every wall has a window or glass door, our place is situated on property that doesn’t allow much sunlight inside. This is why a variety of artificial light sources are necessary (as if my husband needed another scavenging excuse).  This beacon is an old Bretford Sun … More Sun Lamp & Safety


My husband and I share a car, which means I hoof it fairly often. Thankfully my wheeled partner just made it easier for me! I’d like to think this “new” sunbrella will make me unstoppable. It will certainly protect my uber pale skin from California’s relentless rays and help alleviate my showing up to work … More Sunbrella


This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances, especially during the summer months. The Juice-O-Mat was The Rival Company‘s (founded in 1932) first manufactured kitchen appliance. They halted all production during WWII to manufacture wartime products, but when they reopened post war, they produced the Can-O-Mat, the Broil-O-Mat, the Ice-O-Mat and many, many more “O-Mat’s”. … More Juice-O-Mat

Bauer Beehives

My husband and I cook dinner together nearly every night. It provides the perfect opportunity to find out about each others day while sipping a nice glass of wine (well, at least it’s a glass of wine). Plus, we enjoy the creativity (as long as there’s no recipe is involved!). My Co-Chef found these Beehive … More Bauer Beehives

Cowhide Lamp

This is one of the most unique lamps we own. My husband nabbed it at a thrift store a few cities east from us and was asked more than once if he’d let it go before he got to the cashier. I’m glad he didn’t. Ten bucks was totally worth the fight. It’s made out … More Cowhide Lamp

Old Toys

Among other things, our house is littered with old toys. My husband will come home with a box-full from estate sales that have lowered their prices to half off on the last day. He can also name just about any car make & model as long as it predates 1980. It’s not in our budget … More Old Toys