My husband and I have always liked eyeglasses. Maybe it’s because he wears them and I wish I wore them that we take an added interest in them. It’s a mandatory accessory in my husband’s case, which is probably why we have a plethora of styles spanning several eras and, even though he won’t wear half of them, he keeps them in a box for that what-if-I-need-to

Take this pair of 1970/80’s Lou B Sol shades he found awhile back at a “yard sale” (I use that term lightly as it really wasn’t much of a sale of anything, but at least he scored these puppies!).

Like I said, I don’t need glasses, but if I did, I’d sport these 1960’s style specs. These were found on the bathroom floor at an hoarder’s estate sale not too long ago. He plunked a mere $3 down for them. I should have them filled with faux lenses and wear them anyway.

And these black 70’s aviator glasses? This is my husband’s style (and I do brag that he was wearing them before they became hip again).  He paid a little more for these, the only problem is they’re slightly too small a fit for him. Maybe we’ll have our own honest-to-goodness yard sale and see what happens.


3 thoughts on “Eyeglasses

  1. I just found your blog and love the whole concept! My husband LOVES old vintage glasses and has managed to bring home some really cool ones from estate sales, etc.. He loves the old horn-rims, “old man” glasses and even the look of safety glasses.
    With new lenses… he wears ALL of them. It’s so much fun… and these are really great. You should definitely pop in some faux lenses and wear those babies. too cute!

    1. Thanks, Stacey! The concept has been floating around my head for awhile, so I just recently started to get it down on “paper”. If anything just to keep track of our finds. Thanks for following. I am now going to poke around yours!

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