Mid-Century Green Chair

I don’t love shopping. My husband loves shopping. Anything purchased at a second-hand store, estate sale or is found on the side of the road is fair game. This works out well in our marriage. He shops the deals, I enjoy the spoils. I may never have to shop again (yes, he even buys my clothes!).

One of my husband’s greatest joys is a good ol’ church rummage sale. He has his favorite spots, but just about every one he goes to has something he can happily walk away with. He recently went to a rummage sale in Pasadena where after going through piles of clothes and trunks of odds and ends he found a mid-century, tanker-style swivel chair in mint condition. It’s beautiful with forest and stem shades of green and its upholstery and vinyl are intact.

I love these chairs and my husband comes across them frequently though usually not in this great condition. A chair of this quality would probably go for $50-$75 (though they may stick you for a whopping $125). Our cost? Three bucks. Can’t beat that!


2 thoughts on “Mid-Century Green Chair

  1. I’m with you….I hate to shop!!! But I love the goodies my husband drags home …. just like yours. Our whole house was furnished with thrifty finds and it’s a rush! This chair looks to be in excellent shape. GREAT FIND! It will totally enjoy following you.

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