Renovated Baby Room

After a very long hiatus, I’m back! A lot has happened over the last year, but the biggest change for my husband and me is our 8 month old. We have a daughter! And she is such a blast. And a handful. So, between adjusting to parenthood and a lot of other life events, I’ve let … More Renovated Baby Room

The Skateboard

Over the years my guy has come across some pretty fun skateboards; he loves them and I wish I could ride them! Well, I can, it’s just that it goes one way and I go the other – not pretty. Unlike me, my man grew up riding them well and has a hard time passing … More The Skateboard

Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace by Condon-King

Is there a quintessential piece of furniture that you know once found it means you’ve “arrived”? For us it’s been a midcentury free-standing fireplace for quite awhile. Every time we come across one in an old magazine we patiently admire it. Whenever we come across one for sale, which is rare, it’s too damn expensive. … More Aztec Free-Standing Fireplace by Condon-King